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AdiIRC 2.4 torrent
AdiIRC 2.4

Clean torrent AdiIRC 2.4

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If you choose to talk through IRC, you will need this specialized client, now this is enough, but in this article I would like to tell you about AdiIRC. This client has servers and supports zvbudovami, which can significantly expand the default function. After you download and quickly install you run the program in front of theus, a window with detailed information on how to connect to the server, you can leave everything that it is, and you can change your nickname, choose one at the port and dastupnyhserveravconection.

Note that the AdiIRC program does not only talk to users on a particular server, but you can also share files with them thanks to the DDC protocol support. If you want, you can instantly open up some servers, and between thoseit zatymperaklyuchytstsakung how to switch between tabs in the browser. The client creates a large number of servers to communicate, you can add them if you like.

If you uzheznakomy with this type of program, the whole thing, and it’s no problem. You can configure the client to avtamatychnagaperaklyuchennya on the channel If there is a link violation, you can set different sound alarms for events.

notemy AdiIRC program is not the most prominent amongst their peers, but that does not mean anything, believe me, all the settings and chips here are enough, so I can work on IRC rekamendavatsyae, at least, it may be just the experience and will be doing their own vyvody.So built server you do not need to look for them, you can immediately start a conversation, and you can add theYour own, which I wrote about above, if you wanted, just decided to recall.

He did, I forgot to write, not afraid of screenshots, I know they are in English, in fact, Russia support, however, find it not easy to do, go to settings, click on the main icon of the tool box, you need to select “General” – on the bottom right you can izmenityazykpaslya restart program and it’s much better than just good luck!

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AdiIRC 2.4

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